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  • 【About meals】

    We will welcome you with Oguni dishes such as sashimi Hanamidori Chicken Mizutaki Hot Pot, horse sashimi and branded beef.
    The ingredients used are local seasonal ingredients selected by the chief chef himself.
    Please enjoy the passionate kaiseki cuisine that reflects the colors of the four seasons.

    In addition, mizutaki contains plenty of collagen, which can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect, so you can expect a synergistic effect with the hot springs.

    Regarding Oguni sake, and for wine, we carefully select Kumamoto wine.

    ■course example (Contents may change)
    【aperitif】Rough plum wine
    【Hassun]7 kinds of seasonal vegetables    
    【sashimi]2 kinds of seasonal fish
    【Grilled Dish]Various local fish and seasonal vegetables
    【Warm food】 Seasonal taste ball 〆
    【Specialty]Hakata Hanamitori Mizutaki
    【Meal]Nagasaki Champon Noodles,Or egg risotto
    【Water confectionery]Seasonal fruits,Sherbed
    ​(*) For the main dish, you can choose from "Hanamidori no mizutaki" or "Kumamoto red beef lava-grilled".
    Please see the accommodation plan for details.
  • 【Breakfast】

    We offer Japanese food using local vegetables abundantly.
    Rice we Akigeshiki of homemade rice.
  • 【Your Choice of Main Dish】Hakata Hanamitori Mizutaki

    The chicken stock that has been slowly cooked and the chicken with the umami of Hanamidori are delicious.Hakata Hanamidori Chicken Mizutaki Hot Pot is rich in collagen for your skin.(Specialty Mizutaki image)
  • 【Your Choice of Main Dish】Lava-grilled Kumamoto Akaushi beef

    Lava-yaki using Kumamoto Akaushi beef.The meat has a lot of lean meat and a moderate amount of fat, and is both delicious, soft, and healthy.The plate is made of lava flowed by the eruption of Mt. Aso, and when heated, it emits far-infrared rays, and the meat and vegetables are moist, plump and fluffy.
    Please enjoy it refreshingly with ponzu and herb salt.